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        Sokkia Surveying Equipment

        Survey EquipmentLand surveyors, Contractors, Engineers and Builders demand surveying equipment that is going to be precise and durable. That is why Sokkia is the brand that they rely on for their cadastral, layout and stakeout equipment and accessories. Since 1920, Sokkia has been providing high-quality surveying equipment that performs at the highest levels of accuracy and reliability.

        Bob Elliott / Benchmark AZ has been selling and servicing Sokkia survey equipment for the past 43 years. Our customers rely on our expertise and product knowledge when selecting a new piece of surveying equipment and accessories. At Benchmark AZ, we prefer Sokkia, Carlson, AGL and Laser Reference survey equipment and would be glad to help professionals in the field select the proper tools to get the job done right the first time. Click on the Sokkia GRX2 tab for the latest in GNSS Receivers.

        Sokkia Surveyors Equipment Sold and Serviced by Benchmark AZ

        At Benchmark AZ, we sell and service a wide variety of Sokkia surveying instruments Total stations, GPS Automatic Levels and Construction Lasers. The quality and dedication built into each piece of Sokkia survey equipment provides you with the highest performance survey equipment on the market. The Sokkia line of surveying equipment is perfect for the Land Surveyor doing cadastral surveying or the contractor that is doing stakeout work, interior layout, pipe laying or construction grading.

        Below are the different types of Sokkia survey equipment that we have to offer. Please click on the link to see the Sokkia survey equipment that is available and select any of them to get specific information.
        Let the Sokkia professionals at Benchmark AZ help you selecting the perfect piece of Sokkia surveying equipment. With our surveying expertise and strong product knowledge, we will ensure that you get the Sokkia survey equipment that is right for the job.

        Contact Benchmark AZ

        To get more information on Sokkia surveying equipment sold and serviced by Benchmark AZ, please give us a call at 480-751-9500. You can also reach us with any Sokkia surveying equipment questions that you may have through the contact form provided below.

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